Why Onehalf Offshoring Solutions?

Onehalf is a company that offers offshore business solutions. It provides highly cost effective systems and human resource options into business operations across Australia. We consistently achieve results far greater than the 50% savings we promote.

We can help do all the following:

  • Help you save on transactional and procedural costs.
  • Help you improve profitability and strengthen your business.
  • Create new adaptable solutions for the workplace.
  • Help support your local personnel through offshore business solutions Australia.
  • Allow your local team of people to do value tasks while Onehalf takes care of time consuming, transactional, high volume jobs.
  • Create any work hours you need, create the solution you need any way you want.

Advantages of Onehalf in the Philippines

  • Proven performance
  • Highly educated work force
  • Highly committed workplace culture
  • High quality written and verbal skills
  • Adaptable and creative people when you outsource to Philippines
  • Working with management in Australia and the Philippines
  • It’s Perth time zone
  • Highly cost effective
  • Visibility and transparency
  • High quality communication infrastructure
  • Strong government support for BPO Industry

Starting now you can see the future


That’s a lot of MONEY.

No Sick Leave

No Annual Leave

No Superannuation

No Fair Work Issues

No Payroll Tax

No Work Cover

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