• Cecile continues to impress me with her quality of work and professionalism when dealing with staff of Kings Transport and also our suppliers. She is a pleasure to deal with! She is efficient & achieves all tasks set out for her & asks for more work when she finds she is light on. I am very confident in Cecile performing the role on my behalf and I look forward to throwing some more challenging tasks at her in the coming months. Well done Cecile, you make my job so much easier every day!

    Tara Andrews
    Tara AndrewsGroup Accounts Payable Officer
  • I would like to say that Angela and Robert’s work has been fantastic and I am super happy with the output and communication we have been receiving and they have adapted to the changes I have been implementing tremendously well.

    Ashley Skilton
    Ashley SkiltonActing Financial Accountant
  • We continue to be very happy with Aleli as per last request. She is very easy to deal with, asks for more work when she is free and always completes urgent tasks quickly. We couldn’t be happier.

    Andrew Harrington
    Andrew HarringtonManaging Director
  • Cecile is a fantastic worker. She’s a great asset to me and I’m really impressed with the attention to detail of her work & her willingness to take on additional tasks.

    Tara Andrews
    Tara AndrewsGroup Accounts Payable Officer
  • Hannah is doing a wonderful job. She is capable of all the tasks we give her and her performance and enthusiasm towards her work is to be applaud.

    Yen Leung
    Yen Leung
  • Jess & Joe are always prompt with their replies always confirm that work is finished work very well with other members of our Deliver team are always very courteous in their conversations/emails with us from time to time they even remind me of unresolved queries and prompt myself for work which they know should be completed but for which they have not been given the information – this is fantastic they are both eager and keen to learn In summary we are very pleased with them both and the team here really enjoy working with them both.

    Anne-Marie Abela
    Anne-Marie Abela
  • I have been extremely pleased with Cristine's progression over the last few months. After experiencing what Suzette Palattao was able to offer, I must admit I was a bit disappointed to see her go but the transition over to Cristine couldn't have been more smoother. Firstly the excellent hand over completed by Suzette to equip Cristine & Myra with the required skill set was of great benefit to myself, meaning I didn't have to start from scratch with the training. Obviously I have had to help build up Cristine's skill set over the ensuing months but the initial hand-over was a godsend given my limited time & resources. She has adapted quickly to the tasks required and her speed and accuracy has increased as she has become more competent in the role. Cristine is a pleasure to chat with over the internet and her work ethic and her conscientious nature is a rare commodity these days and I truly appreciate her work ethic. Cristine is a valued member of my administration team and I personally would like to thank you and the One Half Management team for providing this wonderful resource to TIG Freight.

    Neil May
    Neil MayAdministration
  • I (JLS Express) was introduced to Onehalf in mid 2012 and thought the idea was great but was worried about how to utilize, train and deal with the staff on a daily basis. Once we got started, I quickly realized that the only issue dealing with Onehalf was going to be how to keep the work volume up to them. We initially started with one staff member to do odd jobs such as data entry and reconciliations. We found our Onehalf staff member to be so efficient that we quickly looked at how we could move more and more work over to him. I started to think of tasks that could be done by scanning information to him or by having data sent directly to him (via email or login). With a bit of thought I came up with such a list over my entire business that I now had enough work to put on more Onehalf staff. The best thing I have found with the Onehalf staff is how easily they can be trained to do exactly what is required. If they have been trained to do a task a certain way then that is the way it is done and they will inform me directly if something is not right and will not assume anything. That being said I find they learn quickly and very rarely will ask the same question twice. I find their work so good that we now have 8 Onehalf team members that work within our business 24 hours a day. Since 2012 my business has increased in turn over by almost 300% and I have only had to put a few new key staff members on within our own office. Our Onehalf team does 80% of our administration now and work closely with our local staff, this ensures all aspects of our administration is covered and the more critical jobs are done more thoroughly. As work increases across the entire company I simply look for tasks that I can have done by Onehalf. We have also started to utilize them in our operations team and this has helped immensely. I can honestly say that our Admin is running better than it ever has and almost all of the credit for this is goes to our Onehalf team. They have truly become a massive asset to our business.

    Jason McHenry
    Jason McHenryGeneral Manager
  • Hello George I’m just going to take this opportunity to tell you how great Aina is to work with. She is so efficient and nothing is too much trouble for her. She is a superstar. I was hesitant about this whole out sourcing business I will admit but Aina has turned me around. Please will you make sure her supervisor/line manager knows how valuable she has been to me personally and I’m sure Simon would say the same. Cheers

    Karena Sneath
    Karena SneathCustomer
  • I would like to congratulate your staff member Efren, In the several times in which I have engaged with your  company, I have had the pleasure  of dealing  with Efren, Efren's telephone  manner  is polite and helpful, and his negotiations for delivery times and pick up instructions  are dear. In such a short and focused conversation with Efren yesterday, he also proved  that in a remarkably  short time he can convey an extremely  high level of customer  service and engagement, and it is for this that I commend him in this letter. Thrilled with the service I received;  I made comment to Efren that the company should double his pay for his excellent customer service. I would like to formally acknowledge  the great team you have, and in particular  Efren, who would apparently  consider  receiving double pay if he was offered. Thank you for a happy customer  service experience  and I look forward  to dealing with you again.

    KatIeen Grant
    KatIeen GrantCustomer
  • Hi George Hope your well! Just wanting to touch base with you regarding our One Half Experience thus far: Cecille and Katherine have been amazing!! It’s been approximately 8 weeks since we decided to take your advice and employ a One half representative, I should have taken you up on the offer a long time ago. Katherine has been exceptional, the communication and attention to detail has been second to none . Her work ethic is very professional and she is a valuable part of the Fortigo Team!! Mind you at less half the cost of what I have been paying a full time employee over the last three years. Hopefully this will enable us to focus on new business and we can employ a second One Half employee very soon. Thank you

    Theo Chronis
    Theo ChronisDirector
  • Engaging One Half Australia was probably one of the best business decisions NP Distribution has made. NP Distribution have found One Half staff members to be well trained, competent, reliable, proactive and most importantly trustworthy, making it an extremely easy transition. One Half services has allowed NP Distribution staff members to concentrate on running the business without being bogged down by repetitive tasks. Absolutely the best value for money and stress reduction initiative that NP Distribution have implemented. NP Distribution would have no hesitation recommending One Half to other businesses.

    Mr. Bevan Malloy
    Mr. Bevan MalloyGeneral Manager
  • “I do legal work operating in Australia’s booming Clean Energy Industry. Our company has recently experienced unanticipated rapid growth, which is great for the business… but really stretches our employee resources! As a result, it can at times feel like we’re operating at over 100% capacity every day! When I was instructed to examine 30 hours of (sleep-inducing) recorded conversations to find what was essentially ‘a needle in a haystack’, I was grateful that I remembered someone had recommended One Half to use for transcribing. Instead of sitting down with headphones, unable to fast forward the recordings (in case I missed something), I literally completed a 30 hour task in under 2 hours, by scanning through the transcribed conversations with a highlighter looking for the key word… this week was going to end much sooner than I thought! One Half’s point of contact George was a pleasure to deal with, taking his time in ascertaining: the purpose of the work; how we would like it formatted for ease of use; and advised us on how many workers he would require to ensure completion before the court hearing. The final product arrived ahead of time and the invoice matched his initial (cheap) quote exactly. I am happy to take it upon myself to write a review of One Half as I believe they deserve recognition for providing such a great service that is able to assist many people in various industries to save both time, money and resources.”

    Mr Andrew Wilson
    Mr Andrew WilsonAustralian Legal Practitioner (Vic)

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