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Technology Is A Thief

Technology Is A Thief Information technology was deemed a hero. It was meant to save the world from the daily grind of office tasks. CEOs could have more time to focus on decisions and making more profit. But IT became a master and we, its slaves. It took a huge lot of our precious time. The Cost. How much do you spend sending and reading emails? Figures from the United States reflect that working on emails, texting, as well as social media interaction can cost a company like Intel $1 billion annually. This type of behavior in 2010 was also expensive for the US economy – a whopping $997 billion. People switch activities frequently because of electronic intrusions. They have to deal with two tasks – focusing on an email or a text message and then going back to their primary task. A US firm did research on this. In a group of 35 managers, engineers, and project leaders, these people were able to spend three minutes on their main task before an electronic intrusion takes their focus away for more than two minutes. These intrusions are a big drain on productivity that affects all office workers and executives in Australia and the rest of the world. The Solution. OneHalf can fix this problem in the office.
  • A personal assistant from OneHalf can help take away the grunt of technology. Your PA will take care of all the mundane but important tasks that usually divert your attention from the more core duties that you need to take care of.
  • Your PA from OneHalf BPO Solutions will be the one to take care of your emails – responding to them, filing incoming messages, and creating drafts of outgoing replies.
  • Your emails can be read to you while you drive to work. That way, you’re ready when you get in front of your computer.
  • Spending too much time on simple tasks can be a burden for you when you have other core tasks to take care of. A OneHalf personal assistant can coordinate these for you. You do not have to work on travel and accommodation arrangements, reports preparation, and research tasks. They can also make plans, memoranda, and letters using your voice memo dictation.
  • With a OneHalf PA, you can be sure that tasks like managing customer relations, controlling your calendar, arranging appointments, and organizing trades people visits will be handled well. This service is considered a clerical miracle and you can get it in one package that is efficient, committed, and highly skilled.
How to start. This can all be done. Just ask Transport George at TLS. He’ll be happy to share how his OneHalf personal assistant saved him countless hours by doing all of the mentioned tasks. He was freed from the chains that held him back from being productive. Contact him and learn more. Liberation from office humdrum and the time-squandering demands of electronic devices is just a phone call away.   “Remember: being busy is one thing, being productive is another.”



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