“This thing all things devours: Birds, beasts, trees, flowers; Gnaws irons, bites steel; Grinds hard stones to meal; Slays kings, ruins town, And beats high mountain down.” – Gollum, The Hobbit
That time is valuable is undeniable. Nevertheless, the value and commodification of time, as well as its obvious abundance, have not made it easy to manage. Despite the fact that tomorrow promises more of it, people continue to complain that they never have enough time. The BPO industry is no different from any other industry or discipline when it comes to valuation of time. Being a service-oriented industry, it is incumbent upon every BPO company to deliver its promised goods or services in the appointed or agreed upon time without sacrificing the quality of service. Onehalf understands and appreciates the value of time and money. Its name reflects its core philosophy: helping its client generate savings by providing BPO services at a fraction of the usual cost while maintaining quality customer service. How does Onehalf hope to do this? Simple. At any Onehalf office, the staff and the management adheres to the following time management principles:
  1. CLEARLY IDENTIFY TASKS & IMMEDIATE GOALS.Onehalf understands that a lot of time is lost when the immediate tasks and objectives are unclear to both staff and management. Goal setting is set early on in each project with clearly stated timelines, deadlines, and projections. Experience has taught Onehalf that when one understands what needs to be done and how to do it, work efficiency and productivity is greatly increased.
  2. PRIORITISE. PRIORITISE. PRIORITISE.Priority is given to immediacy. In the BPO industry, projects are usually time-bound. Services are expected to be delivered in the now rather than the foreseeable future. Therefore, Onehalf has impressed upon its team the importance of setting priorities in terms of projects or tasks that need to be done immediately. Later projects or tasks follow after the most immediate ones have been addressed.
  3. REGULAR EVALUATION.Onehalf likes to keep its eye on the prize. At the end of every work week, or at predetermined periods in a project duration, evaluations are usually held during staff and admin meetings in order to identify current accomplishments or address concerns or difficulties that have arisen. This allows the process of improvement to occur.
  4. REWARDS/INCENTIVES.Awards and incentives have been known to be positive behavioural condition activities. It is a great way to boost enthusiasm, performance, and work engagement. Onehalf incentivises some crucial aspects of the operation such as attendance, individual and team performance, and leadership.
Time is a tough beast to tame for time heeds no master. Nevertheless, time can be managed. Onehalf has succeeded in doing just that.