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Education is a business as well as an industry that caters to the needs of aspiring individuals. We want to assist you secure your business and help the youth secure their future by working with you.

The business of education is a highly competitive one. Being able to provide consistency and continuity allows educational institutions to focus on the business of educating. Our Australian offshore solutions support play an important part in allowing colleges to get students enrolled and processed in the busy period to ensure things run smoothly for the rest of the year.

Types of Functions, we are able to provide to help this process:

  • Enrolment application processing
  • Enrolment follow up
  • Inquiry processing
  • Call center management
  • Payroll services
  • Accounts payable services
  • Accounts receivable services
  • Payment processing services
  • Documentation requirement services


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Junction Business House

Level 2 , Suite 203

22 St Kilda Rd

St Kilda, 3182



Phone: +61 3 9034 4999



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