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Outsourcing, in essence, pertains to designating any tasks to virtual and online workers or to any third-party businesses. No matter what size your business is, you can reap the benefits that come with outsourcing. By delegating the tasks you need done to our BPO services, you can further improve your business’ growth, improve your product’s quality, and also lower the cost of operations.

Almost everything. You can outsource just about any job. The list includes web design, copy writing, software testing, project management, legal assistance, data entry, graphic design, software design, bookkeeping, architectural design, and customer service. The list also includes any routine tasks that need you to process information, as well as reception duties. If you need to do all the usual telemarketing jobs, this can be done as well by Filipinos who are qualified and graduates from university.

Entrepreneurs have seen just how well Australian offshore solutions work to their benefit. They are able to have a lot less expenses on overhead and yet are able to have a business that has smooth operations. Even owners of small businesses can benefit from all of the savings that they can get through outsourcing as compared to hiring and in-housing call center agents, data entry teams, SEO marketers, and all other talent needed.

Employment offshoring and outsourcing have been done for many years already and the top countries for this have been Sri Lanka, India, and China. However, the Philippines is a force to reckon with when it comes to outsourcing and it has become a smarter decision to outsource here. In fact, it has gained fame for being the top offshore business processing solutions destination.

The Philippines had a high literacy rate back in 2014, with it being over 92%. This is quite high as compared to the traditional countries to outsource to. Aside from that, the country is also where you would find the third largest population in whole world that speaks English. Not surprising as the language is a basic subject taught to all students as early as pre-school.

It is a normal occurrence in the Philippines to have more than 300,000 students graduating from universities each year. 180,000 of those will have degrees in marketing or in business administration. Around 30,000 to 50,000 of these graduates will be having degrees in computer programming and computer science.

Filipinos have a reputation for being hard working. They are also known for being able to achieve high levels of productivity. They are also quite popular for a strong work ethic that is unlike others.

The country itself is good for offshore business solutions. It boasts of reliable infrastructure. Electricity is stable. Internet and telecommunication services are also better as compared to India, China, and other countries that offer outsourcing. Furthermore, Onehalf Offshore Business Solutions has multiple generators on standby at all times. You can be sure that power and communication will be available for all online workers so that their tasks continue and you will not experience any delay on your end.

The Philippines also has a lower cost of living as compared to Canada, Australia, US, and the UK. The wages are also lower. You can also find quite a huge talent pool with diverse skills in the country. You will be able to find workers who are English-literate, intelligent, and well-educated. Any international employer would be more than happy to have these individuals doing the work they need done.

The team at Onehalf work the hours that you need. Whatever your requirement, that is what Onehalf provide. This gives you a great opportunity to create cost effective outsourcing timetables and rosters that give you the most flexible and optimum solution. We will work anytime anywhere. Also when you have public holidays at home we will still be working.

Onehalf strives to create true partnerships with our clients. We absolutely encourage our clients to visit us. We often have clients who want to come to our offices and spend some time with their teams. Conversely we have had our team come and spend time with clients in their country of origin.

Onehalf Australia offshore solutions operates from guarded 24/7 secure premises. We are standalone and access to our facility is only granted to Onehalf personnel. Furthermore the Onehalf service is based on us working within your I.T. environment which means you retain full control. We do not run any external services or I.T. infrastructure. Our I.T department monitors all working screens at all times to ensure maximum productivity and output.

Furthermore all Onehalf personnel are security screened and checked to ensure we are always working at the highest standards at all times.

Communicating with your Offshore team is easy. It’s the same as how you communicate with everyone else day to day. Even if you had none of the communication modes listed below we could still have you up and running in a few minutes.

  • Email
  • Telephone
  • Skype
  • Chat
If you are unsure Onehalf is here to help set it up for you. We have many great tips for how you can really benefit from setting up the communication process.

Staff retention at Onehalf is high. The team values the opportunities given to them. However, if this does occur, Onehalf finds a replacement and is actively involved in retraining for the role without any additional expense to you.

No. Experience has shown that you are supporting your good local people by removing time consuming transactional tasks. With the help of our offshore business solutions, this allows our local team to focus on more quality work. We want our local people to be engaged in higher quality work that has a positive impact on local operations.

You are running a business and the reality is you need to stay viable so keeping the company profitable saves jobs more broadly and helps local communities in the process.

Yes you can. Onehalf is very cost effective so you can implement a program where they will provide good back up to your local people when they are:

  • On Leave
  • Sick
  • Resign and leave.
Don’t forget your local people come and go and that always causes disruption to your business. We put a solution in place which alleviates this problem.


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