Solving The Pallet Problem

I want to show you how Onehalf can solve the dreaded pallet problem and relieve every headache it’s ever likely to cause. For years now, transport companies have had to watch thousands of stray pallets and document control disappear into the black hole of non-account firms. They’ve also had to find ways of squaring the loss with supply outfits like CHEP and Loscam – and not break the bank. These wrangles have harmed a lot of client relationships and seen a lot of precious goodwill forfeited. But, by far, the biggest hit inflicted on transport companies by the pallet problem has been the enormous amount of money wasted in the following areas:

  • Physical hire costs
  • Lost pallets
  • Wages to manage, administer, track and recover pallets
  • Charges incurred by write-offs

Why transport companies have to cope with all these things and spend so much money on them is a question I ask myself every day. Really, we shouldn’t have to put up with this far from perfect system but we’re stuck with it. And, of course, we’re stuck with pallets. So what to do about them?

Fortunately, Onehalf has found a foolproof solution: dedicated, highly-qualified staff operating in conjunction with 21C Pallet Software – an asset management software system that’s consolidated and streamlined every dimension of pallet management.

As a result, once untidy operations can now be handed to someone else so that you don’t have to worry about them:

  • Physical docket entry
  • Daily reconciliation processes
  • Recovery management
  • Liaising with DCs
  • Liaising with drivers and subcontractors

But the real beauty of the Onehalf solution is that, whatever rules you and your trading partners operate by, you can set them up in the 2IC system and Onehalf’s employees will follow them to the letter. Every time there’s a pallet transaction, the Onehalf team will use the 2IC system and generate the transaction and reports that allow you to monitor the entire process – and save a lot of money. Not only that, 2IC interfaces with CHEP and Loscam’s own inventory management system. Just export your own rules to them and the process will be managed at both ends without you having to worry about a thing – or spend a fortune.

And it works. There’s absolutely no doubt about that. Just ask any transport business working with OneHalf. They know. They understand that what used to be a time-consuming, costly salvage operation is now a smooth, administrative procedure handled for them by Onehalf. They also know that together, Onehalf and 2IC are shorthand for minimal expenditure and peace of mind in pallet management.

Get in touch today. You can’t go wrong.

George owns a transport business. He saw how helpful outsourcing jobs can be for his business and started OneHalf Offshore Business Solutions. His goal is to help other business owners through BPO services.
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    Excellent ѡay oof explaining, aand pleasant article tߋ
    ցet data about my presentation topic, which i ɑm going to
    pгesent in university.

    • George

      We hope our information has helped you with your presentation. We wish you the best!

  • Kane

    Hi George, didn’t know about this Pallet Problem. Nice article, thanks for the share.

    • George

      Not a lot of people really do understand the pallet problem. However, if you are part of the logistics industry, you would be very familiar with this. :)

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